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You need everything at your working place except compromises. High-quality aluminium profiles from erfi guarantee a high degree of functionality. Due to their innovative structure, our systems meet the requirements for a fast development in the field of technology and communication. For you, our customers, we have developed two powerful aluminium furniture systems which fulfill the demands for design and functionality/economic efficiency in industry and education.


ESD shoes are classed as ESD shoes when the on-state resistance value of the system person-shoe-floor is below 3,5 x 107 resp. 35 MOhm according to EN 61340-5-1 The qualification of the shoes is made depending on the climate classifications 1 (15% relative humidity), 2 (25% relative humidity) and 3 (50% relative humidity) according to EN 61340-4-3 <108 Ohm.
Attention should be paid to the different procedures of both of the test methods: EN 61340-4-3 metal balls in the shoe on a metal plate; EN 61340-5-1 human being in the shoes on a metal plate or the floor used.
Shoes used for primary grounding in ESD protection must be selected in combination with the floor covering to be used so that the combined resistance to ground (Rg) is in the range required.

camice All-round protection from a multitude of hazards: HB Schutzbekleidung is a leading manufacturer of high-quality multi-standard collections. Here, the key focus is always on achieving more than simply combining protective features. Rather, it is also about offering each wearer a comfortable and highly functional product that is perfectly suited to his or her own workplace environment. hb
chair Over recent years, the quality and character of industrial work processes have undergone a decisive transformation. We are seeing an increasing number of factory workstations which have taken on more of the characteristic qualities of an office workplace, and which differ substantially from classical workstations. An innovative new work chair named Neon is now setting revolutionary new standards in industrial workplace seating. Developed in cooperation with Phoenix Design, its unique styling and technical benefits have destined Neon to become the industrial chair of the future. Neon provides the ultimate seating solution for production, for ESD applications and laboratories. bimos

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